The IP500® Alliance – founded from 2005-2009 from ABI-Sicherheitssystem, Belimo, Bosch Security
Systems, JOB Detectomat, Dorma, Gunnebo, Hekatron, Honeywell, LINK, Siemens Building Technologies Division, SimonsVoss, STG-BEIKIRCH, Tyco, UTC Fire & Security, WAGO, Xtralis delivers all this.

The result is now revolutionizing the IoT world, with maximum robustness, security, scalability and performance in Wireless communication, in IoT network technology and its infrastructure.

The IP500 standard complies with security standards for the system level and was approved by the relevant certification bodies, e.g. the VdS, TÜV Rheinland, DKE, FCC, UL, BACnet, ETSI, IEEE

The main driving factors of these applications in commercial buildings are:

  • Highest robustness of the wireless connection in the commercial and industrial environment.
  • Maximum security in data transmission, including key management.
  • Short response time (latency) between sensors, actuators and the infrastructure (gateways).
  • High data rate and at the same time a long wireless range.
  • Scalable and robust, asynchron meshed network architecture (mesh topology).
  • intelligent Energy and battery management.
  • Interoperability between all OEM products.
  • Redundant network topology including gateways with databases that allow change of gateways WITHOUT shutting down the system.


a dual band, asynchron, highly encrypted mesh network which serves as a wireless communication base for ALL sensor and actor communication in an IoT network; from fire detection to access and comfort control up to mobility information and much more; even drone and robot guidance with its “indoor GPS” possibilities!

As a result, the IP500 standard is unique worldwide today and is able to provide a wireless IoT standard as a platform that can simultaneously meet the highest performance demands in the IoT network and is pre-compliant with European, American and Japanese norms.